5 Places to hang your Christmas Bunting this Year

5 Places to hang your Christmas Bunting this Year

Do you ever think how you can change up your Christmas decor so it isn't just the same old, same old?

Well I'm here to help! Here are five helpful suggestions for where to hang your Christmas bunting this year. Also, because it's made of fabric, it will last you for  many more years and you can continue to swap it round.

A big thank you to my fabulous customers who have sent me their photos over the years!


1. Decorate your stairway

The first great place to hang bunting is up your stair banister. You can even hang Christmas baubles from your banister as well, to complete the look. I find using thin transparent fishing wire a handy way to hang ornaments from your banister, as then it gives the impression they are "floating". It can create a nice impact when people walk into your entrance hall.

Christmas bunting on stair banister


2. Create a focal point around your fireplace

The second place to hang your bunting is from your fireplace mantel. I would do this with more of a decorative fireplace than actually burning a fire at the same as having your Christmas bunting hanging from it though.

Christmas mantel piece with plaid decor


3. Decorate your Christmas tree

Number three is to wrap your festive bunting around your Christmas tree!! This works best with smaller pennants so that they go round your tree more easily. It really does create a talking point when you have guests visiting over the holidays.

Bunting wrapped around a Christmas tree


4. Adorn your window or doorway

A fourth way to hang your holiday bunting is to hang it in either a window or wide doorway. If hanging it in a window be cautious of sun damage though, if you have beating sun shining in most of the day.

Decorate your sitting room with festive Christmas bunting in your window


5. Create maximum impact!

And finally, why not get several strings of bunting, tie them all together to make one really long string of bunting and zig zag it across your room. This creates serious impact in your room and would look fabulous hung all above your heads, whilst you're feasting on your Christmas dinner!

Christmas dining room decor ideas with holiday garland


If this blog post has inspired you to deck your home with Christmas bunting this year, then why not check out the Christmas section of my website. There's something to suit everyone's tastes from tartan Scottie dogs to Christmas puddings, robins and holly. There's even holiday banners with cats, dogs and various other pet animals on!


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great ideas!


Hi Nessa,
Thanks for the great article. So far I’ve tried numbers 1,2, and 3. Don’t worry, I do have a fake fireplace! Always nice to have different suggestions.

Shari Harper

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