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Nessa Foye Designs

British Christmas ornaments featuring crowns, Union Jacks, corgis, red buses and black cabs

British Christmas ornaments featuring crowns, Union Jacks, corgis, red buses and black cabs

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These British ornaments are a great little British gift which can be easily sent to the anglophile in your life who loves all things British. There are 8 different designs to choose from including crowns, Union Jacks, red buses, black cabs, corgis and famous London motifs. If you want me to send them directly to the gift recipient I am happy to include a little note on your behalf, just leave a message when you checkout.

Each ornament consists of fabric stretched onto an embroidery hoop (approximately 4" diameter). They are trimmed with red or white pom poms around the edge and then backed with either red or white felt to match. There is red & white polka dot or gold ribbon tied onto the top so that you can hang your ornament from your Christmas tree, door knob or simply just hang from a nail on the wall, the decision is yours!

*Please note due to the fabric patterns, the pattern on the ornament you receive may be slightly different from the one in the picture. The dominant image on the ornament will always be the same.


Fabric, wooden embroidery hoop, felt, pom pom trim, ribbon, acrylic paint


Approximately 4 inches diameter

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Customer Reviews

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kathleen dougherty
Over the moon, in love!

I couldn’t have imagined just how lovely Nessa’s work was going to be. You see it all the time - gorgeous photos but the product itself pales in comparison to how it was staged. This is not the case. I repeat, this is the real deal. The packaging itself was lovely and you could feel that what you were about to open was made with love. The ornament is outstanding: exquisite, vibrant, chic, the list could truly go on. What I hadn’t expected was the finishing touches on the ornament to be just as satisfactory as the main image on the front. I can’t even put into words just how much this ornament felt like a warm hug from a friend; you’ll have to order for yourself to understand. Thank you Nessa for taking such care and helping to make my tree shine. This was my first order but certainly won’t be my last.

British Christmas ornament

I have some new ones this year with Christmas Pudding and some from another year. I sell them at Christmas on my tree.
This year I am looking forward to selling them because my customers will be served them during the month of December.
I always tell where they came from and if they would like to order them. They love to see them. I have loved her work for a long time.
I am glad she has helped my Tea Room look more British with her help. Looking forward to see what she does in the coming months.

My newest Nessa Foye Ornaments!

Today’s post brought our 1st holiday order —from Nessa— in her signature red polka dot package. Inside were our newest strands of holiday bunting (love it, the robins and Puds are perfect!) and 3 more of her delightful ornaments! This order included the Red Crowns (a nod to Her Majesty, our late, well loved and respected, queen), The Underground’s “Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden and Liverpool Street” station signs, and, remembering Mum’s Christmas Feasts, the Christmas Puds ornament. I still may not have gotten the recipe right but Nessa’s ornaments are spot on. All 3 are meticulously fashioned and sewn, the materials she uses are strong enough to last (I’ve ordered them each year since the 1st year Nessa offered them and every one is pristine and looks like new) and they, like any quality ornament, are classics which will be part of our Christmases for years to come. What a delightful way to begin preparing for my favourite time of the year. I put them on the tree and hang 3 along the top of my rustic mantle mirror. They’re perfect!!